Trade fairs will remain indispensable for companies in the next 5 years. After the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a continuous upswing in trade fairs in Germany. Alternatives such as online exhibition centres are not a viable alternative to traditional trade fairs with direct contact to new and existing customers. As a result, almost all of our customers are now attending to their industry trade fairs again.

Due to economic problems in many German companies, less money is often budgeted, but the auma reports in one of its latest articles that smaller companies will make a targeted selection of their trade fair participations. However, 70 percent of those surveyed intend to stick to their trade fair appearances. The trade fair budget, which is mainly planned by large companies, remains stable and is even increasing for some of the 400 respondents.

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Today’s challenges:

Challenges are currently being posed above all by global crises. Rising costs and the critical economic situation of many companies are causing trade fair appearances to be cancelled or scaled back. Geopolitical crises also pose a number of challenges for the trade fair industry. We are also observing cautious activity on the part of our customers. German exhibition centres are becoming increasingly expensive and are developing additional sources of income at the expense of exhibiting companies. Coupled with a sometimes critical economic situation, companies are therefore becoming increasingly cost-sensitive.

However, according to auma, the trade fair medium will be essential in the coming years. More than half of those surveyed plan to exhibit at at least one trade fair in the next few years. Only one percent of the 400 respondents do not plan to exhibit at all.

If you are also planning to visit a trade fair in the near future, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to all upcoming projects and look forward to new and existing collaborations.