May we also accompany you digitally?

Interactive (live) broadcasts

Interactive (live) broadcasts give you the opportunity to highlight important topics and take advantage of this digital format. Therefore, we have built a streaming studio that offers all possibilities in terms of technology, equipment and infrastructure. We would be happy to set up our studio specifically for you.


We have high-quality equipment in the areas of audio, video and lighting. When selecting the technology, we made sure that we have flexible application options. Thus, we have three cameras, a video mixer, a teleprompter and an 18m² green screen in the area of video technology. Through contemporary, economical and individually adjustable LED lighting, we have the possibility to create different lighting moods. Also in the field of sound technology we have everything necessary for the realization of a smooth recording or event.


Our extensive pool of rental materials (e.g. chairs, tables, stools, lounge furniture, counters, etc.) gives us the opportunity to design the studio according to your wishes. In addition, we can also make custom furniture in our own carpentry shop or individualize our rental items with foil laminations.