May we also accompany you digitally?

Virtual 360° tours

For a digital alternative experience or as a supplement to your physical trade fair presence, we have created a digital and three-dimensional solution for your brand presence by creating a virtual and interactive 360° tour from the existing 3D data. Here we would like to introduce you to the possibilities of a virtual platform using our trade fair stand as an example. The following image will take you to our interactive trade fair presentation.

Virtuelle 360° Tour

Using the animated hotspots, visitors jump from one 360° panorama to the next or call up predefined content. From simple text, to images, image galleries, movies or linked websites: Everything is possible. Visitors get comprehensive information about your products and services.

Film or sound tracks can already be integrated into the surface of the panoramas. Whether as a movie file or “YouTube” link, all desired multimedia content can be accessed under the hotspots. We design complete content pages with you or use your existing data.

Panoramas offer a 360° “all-around” view from predefined viewpoints and form the basis of the tours. In the panoramas, visitors rotate the view with a click of the mouse, giving them a complete, interactive overview.

To set the stage for your products or services, we develop a new concept with you or use the existing 3D data of your trade fair stand.

Smartphones, tablets or desktop PCs: Of course, the entire design is responsive, so that the content always adapts to the respective screen size.

For larger or multiple rooms, interactive floor plans provide good orientation. The viewing angle in the panorama is always visible, visitors always know where they are and which area of the panorama they are currently viewing. Visitors can also change panoramas via the floor plans.

360° images show your products from all angles. Visitors rotate and discover the objects on their own and thus engage with your products in a playful and emotional way. The “multiresolution” technology also allows high resolutions here without frustrating loading times.

To keep loading times short for your tour visitors, panoramas are provided in small units and multiple resolution levels. The “Multiresolution” technology allows high resolution zoom levels without frustrating loading times.

From any position in the virtual booth, your visitors can make inquiries or establish direct contact. Chats can be started directly or via ChatBot.

Google Analytics or Matomo, tracking and analyzing click-through numbers and dwell times provide you with an accurate insight into the behavior and needs of your visitors.