Do you need proof of a sustainable project?

Sustainability as a social responsibility has long since established itself as an internationally recognized guiding principle. Even for industries that are not automatically associated with resource conservation, sustainability has become a serious factor in corporate positioning.

The “new” sustainability debatet is not just about ecological aspects, but rather also about economic and ethical issues. The current economic and social changes require a rethink in order to be able to survive on the market in the future. It is already clear that customers are increasingly making demands of their suppliers in this direction and that there is growing demand for the implementation of ecological and social aspects in corporate management.

We are also facing up to this responsibility. As a necessary and forward-looking step, we already established the topic of sustainability in our corporate philosophy in 2013.


We were one of the first companies to receive the industry-specific certificate for sustainable work at all levels and have been a “Sustainable Company” ever since. Every 2 years we have to re-document and re-certify our sustainable work.

With the certification, we have proof of compliance with

Since our first certification in 2013, we have continued to develop new measures and are proud to be one of the companies with the best results. And yet we still have the ambition to continue to improve on all levels.


Would you like to show off with a climate-neutral booth? Then we have a suitable solution prepared for you.

We will be happy to identify a project-related carbon footprint for you, which we calculate using a specially developed trade booth calculator. The emissions generated by the project can be balanced out by supporting sustainable projects through compensation payments.

You will then receive a certificate for a climate-neutral booth, which you can use as a marketing tool in advance.