We create new solutions and educate ourselves

From one day to the next, our core business has been reduced to zero. In the time in which we have almost no turnover, we do everything we can to ensure the survival of the company. Thus, we also went on short-time work and applied for state funds.

Our primary goal in the crisis is to keep each of our employees employed and to be a reliable partner for our customers and suppliers in this difficult time.

Also efficient independent of trade fairs

We make the most of the time without trade fairs, prepare ourselves for the time after the pandemia, remain efficient for you, create new solutions for you and train ourselves in the area of CAD. So that you can also inspire your target group digitally, we are working intensively on hybrid events and digital formats and are happy to support you in this.

Although we have financial reserves, it is currently impossible to estimate how long this situation will accompany us. Therefore, we are happy to take on projects independent of trade fairs, such as the design of your premises or the realisation of customised products through our own production.

We are confident that we will emerge from the crisis together and well positioned for future trade fair projects and look forward to the challenges ahead.

Stay healthy and optimistic!