Have we piqued your interest?


We are happy to offer internships for those who are undecided or interested. We design these just as individually as our products. From a one-day trial internship to a long-term internship lasting several months, everything is possible.

Depending on your needs, you will either work in a specific area of the company or have the opportunity to work in several departments and gain a wide range of insights into the world of trade fairs and events.


  • You gain valuable practical work experience.

  • You gain versatile insights and make your first contacts.

  • You build your skills and expand your horizons.

  • You discover your own strengths & weaknesses.

  • You are allowed to make mistakes.


In the context of a voluntary internship, there are no specifications and framework conditions, so that the intern can decide independently on the duration, type and period. In addition, as part of Girls’ Day, we give schoolgirls from the 5th grade onwards the opportunity to get to know training and occupational areas in the skilled trades – an area in which women have so far been rather rarely represented.


We are also happy to accompany and help shape mandatory internships as an obligatory part of an apprenticeship or school career. In the course of this, we draw up an internship schedule tailored to the intern before the start of the internship.


Kevin Röhlig
Kevin RöhligTrainer
If you have any questions about internships, feel free to contact me.