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As a partner company of the University of Applied Sciences (FHDW), we offer committed students from business-oriented degree programs the opportunity to gain valuable practical experience in an attractive environment.

As a permanent practical partner, we are happy to provide students with insights into our corporate processes and thus give them the opportunity to directly apply the knowledge they have acquired at university.


  • Linking theoretical knowledge and operational practice

  • Valuable insights into entrepreneurial processes

  • Uncomplicated entry into the job

  • Takeover of study fees


The dual bachelor’s degree program in business administration imparts comprehensive knowledge from all important business disciplines and offers the opportunity for specialization through various focuses. The following specializations are particularly recommended for a dual study program with us:

Sales Management

Key modules

Marketing and sales, sales psychology and sales techniques, communication and presentation, sales concepts, sales law, sales controlling

Digital Business

Key modules

Introduction to Business Informatics and Digitalization, Digital Technologies, Digital Management, Digital Marketing, New Work and Digital Leadership

Online Marketing & E-Commerce

Key modules

Business informatics and digitalization, Internet law and IT law, methods of online marketing, Internet market research and online marketing controlling

Business Management

Key modules

Value Chain Management, Business Processes and Operational Information Systems, Business English, Business Psychology, Business Law, Business Mathematics and Statistics

Business Development Management

Key modules

Globalization and international management, strategic management, design elements of BDM, corporate development in global competition, entrepreneurship

Family Business & Medium-Sized Companies

Key modules

Basics of family businesses and medium-sized businesses, corporate management in medium-sized businesses, growth strategies and internationalization in medium-sized businesses, corporate succession in family businesses


The special feature of a dual study program is its practical relevance, which is created through cooperation with companies. In the courses of study at the FHDW, theory and practice always alternate on a quarterly basis. This means that three months of study at the university are followed by three months of practice in a company.

The courses lead to a bachelor’s degree after six semesters. The study program is tightly organized so that the degree can also be achieved within this period. In the last semester, students work on their bachelor’s thesis.


Fabian Räker
Fabian RäkerSales / Marketing
I also did my dual studies at the FHDW in Bielefeld.
If you have any questions about the dual study program, feel free to contact me.